Friday, December 26, 2008

bad bad mama

i have been a bad bad mama when it comes to this blog. im sorry guys. a quick rundown- tristan is running, climbing, getting into things, and generally being a toddler. he'll be 15 months next week, i cant believe it. he had a fun christmas, although now the living room is a wreck. i'll get on here this weekend and update through the last few months. until then, for your viewing pleasure, here is his christmas picture

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


tristan is 11 months old now. he is getting so big, and learning so many new things. he is standing unassisted, and he can walk holding our hands or on to a push toy. hes trying to use a spoon now, and he can drink out of his cup like hes been doing it forever. hes also got 2 new teeth, making it 8 total. hes babbbling like crazy, and says "mama", "dada", and "da"-dog. he likes to share with us, especially his binky. he'll smile, put it in my mouth, the take it back and giggle. he loves using his toys to fill up bins and baskets then dump them out and start over again. he gives hugs and kisses, and can follow simple commands and understand questions- "bring me your binky" "come here please" "where is your cup?" stuff like that. he still only signs milk, but he understands many more- bath, more, eat, drink, water, all done, and sleep, to name a few.

i cant believe hes so big. i'll try to get some pictures soon, and post them up

Monday, July 28, 2008

welcome to texas tristan!!!

we stopped at the first stop over the bridge from louisiana to welcome tristan to texas for the first time

in the statue

in front of the star oh hey, theres rocks down here!


a rest stop n mississippi had this awesome pet area. seperate sections with tables, parking spaces, room to run, and a water pump showing dani its ok
lady doesnt go near running water- shes scared shell get a bath, lol. dani liked it though
we wanna ride with mama now!!

in the car. david had the dogs, i had the baby

day 2

dani being nosy
lady in the mud where we drained the cooler- thank goodness we have a seat cover for the car

we camped in alabama for the night- wasnt it pretty! one last run before we load up
loadng up
binky stash

the drive here

crossing into alabama i was too tired to see

stopped at a gas station- daddy shared his cookie
kisses shanking my sillies out

"working" at david andersons

meeting grammy

sitting with grammy
talking to grammy and uncle butch

eating grapes with grammy and mama

lookin at daddy

distracted by princess

Sunday, July 27, 2008

meeting my uncle, aunt and cousins

we took a trip to visit davids brother jason, his wife christina, their daughter maddie, who is 8, and jackson, who is 1. tristan had so much fun. hes never had the chance to be around babies his own age before.

dads and kids david and jackson saying goodbye

dads and babies

jason and david

maddie and tristan- he LOVED her

maddie drawing

jackson walking- hes so tall he makes tristan look tiny, lol

tristan playing

the boys playing


jackson sharing his toys

and here are a couple of videos-
maddie and tristan talking

the kids playing