Saturday, March 21, 2009

at the rodeo- march 11, 2009

picking sawdust off of a sheep

he was fascinated by little horns at the petting zoo too

baby beauregard- tristan was fascinated with his little horn nubs

petting elsie the cow- too bad he cant have any ice cream though

petting a cow

tristan and hayden- march 11, 2009

this is tristan and hayden- i call them "almost cousins" hes our godson. hes about 8 months younger than tristan, about an inch shorther, and outweighs him by 3 pounds, lol. this is the second time they've met, and the first time they were big enough to play together

catching up

ive been really bad about keeping up with the blog the last few months, and im sorry. tristan is almost 18 months, and he keeps me busy. hes 100% toddler now, running, jumping, climbing, dancing, and of course, the wonderful temper tantrums and the famous toddler "drop and dangle" when he doesnt want to walk somewhere. he has 16 teeth now, usually wears 18-24 months in clothes, and 6-7 in shoes. he loves to dance and listen to music. crayons and markers are a bit hit too. he doesnt really go for finger paints though, he doesnt like the feel of it on his hands. hes talking more now, in words we can understand. he loves to read books and build with his legos. he also like peek a boo, pat a cake, and hes starting to play ring around the rosie too.