Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fashion statement

tristan is getting to the point where he is trying to dress himself. yesterday i changed his diaper then put his pants on. then he brought me another diaper cover and wanted that on. then he put on his sun hat, lol

climbing up the stairs

at the bedroom door

this one i admit i cheated and put the hat back on after he fell asleep to get the full effect :)

silly baby

so we have this rhyming book about monsters.... towards the end, its describing these 2 montsers, and it says "hearts and stripes, pinky sweet" and "spots and dots, stinky feet". when we get to that part, if hes not already sitting down, tristan stops what hes doing, sits down, and puts his toes in his mouth. then he smacks his lips and says "mmmmm".... guess he paid attention when i ate his stinky feet, lol