Thursday, June 19, 2008

another tooth

another tooth cut through on tuesday- hes got 3 on top and 2 on the bottom

Friday, June 13, 2008


david graduates on june 26, and we'll be leaving georgia on the 27th. we'll go to louisiana, and hopefully get housing quickly, get settled in, then head to houston. if by chance there is a waiting list, we'll go to texas to wait it out :)

see everyone soon!

8.5 months

Tristan is 8.5 months old. hes got the army crawl down pat, and can get across a room before you realize he's gone. he gets up and rocks on his hands and knees. he's started pulling himself up into a stand too. he spent the whole church service on sunday pulling up on the back of the pew. he talks up a storm. hes been saying "mama" for a while, but he figured out "dada" a couple of weeks ago, and david is thrilled. hes been getting up with him sometimes on the weekend to let me sleep, and they have breakfast and do "man stuff" before mama gets up. his top 2 teeth have cut through this week, so hes up to 4 now. hes going through his first phase of seperation anxiety, and doesnt like anyone but mama or daddy to hold him right now

acu baby

i had an ACU diaper made for tristan to takr pictures in, but he wasnt in the best mood when we tried. we'll have to try again another time
mom, i said NO BERET!!!
there, thats better
this one came out the best remember, i said no beret!

now give me that camera