Friday, June 11, 2010

almost a year since my last post

and what a year it has been. tristan and i moved to san antonio in september, and i got a job and he went to daycare for the first time in october. he loves being around kids and going to his "apple school" (i work at la petite academy, and they have an apple logo). hes grown so much, its amazing. lets see.... hes 32 months as of june first. he was hardly talking on his second birthday(maybe 10-15 words and 25 or so signs) and still on thanksgiving,but by about new years he figured it out, and now hes never quiet. he know most of his letters by sight and loves pointing them out. the first letter he learned was "e" shortly after we got here.... we live near an heb. he "reads" signs every where we go. hes also beginnning to learn the letter sounds as well. he can count to 11 by himself, and to about 20 or so with a little help. he knows all of his basic colors and shapes too. he loves music, and has recently started singing to himself. we got so many smiles at target last week when he was singing twinkle twinkle little star through the aisles. he said his first spanish word about a month ago... funny the one he chose, but not surprising considering ths spanish speaking girls at the center. he came up to me with a hairband on his wrist and said "look mama, my chongo"... so cute. hes a very social little boy, but still shy at times. hes still nursing once or twice a day, and still rear facing in his carseat (did you know its 500% safer for a toddler to rearface? ask me if you want more info.). my original goal for both of those things was 2, so we met and passed it. hes still cosleeping, but has a bed in my room as well. about half the time he starts out in his bed, and about 3/4 of that he stays there all night. hes getting very independant, but still wants mama too. hes trying to figure out going to sleep on his own (i lay down with him) and he'll say "go away mama, go away!" then 10 minutes or so later, he'll call me back. im all for him growing up at his own pace, so if baby steps are what he needs, thats what he'll get. he's only little once, and im enjoying it while i can. he loves reading and listening to music and playing with his trains. we go to the library on saturdays, and he plays on the kids computer there as well. we signed up for the summer reading program last week. we go to the park when we're done and he loves being outside. we just brought this home from work last week because they were getting rid of it, and hes in heaven. we've got a little back yard garden going, and hes a big helper. he enjoys watering, and helping me pick the veggies when theyre ready.

well, this has turned really long, so i'll finish it for now. i'll get some pictures up soon.