Monday, February 25, 2008

sitting up

we sat tristan up on the bed with my bear cappuccino (david bought him for me when we first started dating) and let him explore

out in the sunshine

david built a picnic table for his class last weekened, so we spent some time out in the yard with him

poor baby

as some of you have heard, tristan was burned thins weekend. for those who havent, here is what happened

on sunday, we decided to go to waffle house around noon, and the waitres spilt coffee on the baby we hadnt even gotton our menus, she just took our drink orders. tristan was sitting in the booth next to david, and when she brought him his coffe, she set it down in fron of the baby. she kinda let go before it hit the table and a bunch splashed out all over his foot. instant 2nd degree burns. there was skin coming off :(we got up and left for the er, we were about 10 minutes from post. they took us right back, looked at his foot, put some stuff on it (i forget what its called, lol) and wrapped it up, gave him some tylenol with codine, and called the burn unit at doctors hospital. we went there, they again looked at it, put stuff on it, and wrapped it up, and we go in for surgery the next day. its not too serious, they were going to clean it, and put a second skin type dressing on it that will stick to it and help it heal, but because its such a painful process, they do it under anesthesia.
we went back to waffle house, and david talked to the manager about having his employees be more careful, especially around babies. the manager had been there when it happened, and he said the waitress cried after we left. as we were leaving to go to the ER, david told her "thanks alot, you just caused my baby second degree burns" on the upside, the hospitals are great if it really is an emergency, we were in and out of 2 hospitals in 2.5 hours

we had the surgery today, and he was such a champ. we went in at about 730, but they didnt get him into surgery until about noon, there were a couple of kids before us that were burned really bad. considering he hadnt eaten since 4am he did wonderfully. got a little fussy towards the end, but mostly he was happy and playing and flirting with the nurses, lol. my boobs felt like they were going to explode though, when i finally got a chance to pump around 10, i got almost 10 ounces!!!!!!!! the surgery went well. the burns were 2nd degree like we thought, and he got a gamma graft, which is the graft with cadaver skin. the whole procedure only took a little more than an hour. when they brought him out, he was sleeping still, so i nursed him, and he woke up all happy and giggly again. we have a follow up in a week to see how its healing we arent planning to sue waffle house. we'll let tricare know what happened, so they can get them to reimburse the medical bills if thats what they want to do. when we went back to talk to the manager yesterday, he had already called their insurance to let them know what happened. it was an accident. ive let go of stuff before it was on the table too. but she shouldnt have put it down in front of the baby in the first place. i think she probably doesnt have kids, because when we were seated she asked us if tristan needed silverware, lol.... we are going to contact corporate, but not in hopes of getting money out of it. they need to have their staff be more careful, and the coffee shouldnt be that hot, and thats really what david told the manager.... we dont want the waitress fired or anything. im glad it was only his foot, and not his arms or torso or face. when we went back in to talk to the manager, we gave them our name and number now of course, if they offer a settlement, we wont say no, lol, but we're not asking for money

Saturday, February 23, 2008

hes sitting

tristan is officially sitting up as of today. hes been able to sit unassisted for a few seconds for a few weeks now, but something clicked overnight last night, and now hes all of a sudden doing it great. hes still a little wobbly, of course, but my baby is sitting up by himself. i cant believe it. crawling is next, and i really dont think thats to far away. he is so big!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

4 month pictures

We got tristans 4 month pictures back today, and they are so cute!! we like the first on the best. the second one turned out a little funny, lol, but we were towards the end of the session by then.... and they tried to prop him up on a half flat football and he kept rolling off. Anyway, im getting pictures together, and im going to mail them out on tuesday. tonight or tomorrow i'll post some more we've taken recently.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

4 Months!!

tristan is 4 months old. at his well baby appointment he was 14lbs and 25 inches long. he is learning so much everyday. he rcognizes mama and daddy and just grins and laughs when he sees one of us. he loves to mive his legs, and kicks when he's happy, and kicks when hes mad too. he loves peek-a-boo, and we're starting to sign with him too. he is rolling consistantly both ways now, and has started giving the sweetest slobbery kisses. he can grab things and put them in his mouth all by himself, so we have to be careful about whats within his reach. hes not crawling, but still moving. he rolls and pivots himself to get where he needs to go- usually off of his blanket on the floor,lol. he can sit for a few seconds unassited if we sit him up, and i imagine he'll be doing be himself before too long. no teeth yet, but we can see the front 2 on top moving their way down his gums, and theyre almost there. he chews on anything he can get his hands on, he loves having one of our fingers. we give him a mesh feeder full of ice and he was in heaven.

he's calling for me now, so i'll be back to post some pictures in a little while

Friday, February 8, 2008