Saturday, March 1, 2008


so tristan has finally discovered that there are things at the ends of his legs that he loves to kick.... yep, he found his feet. of course, it would happen while one of them is bandaged up, lol. theyre always in his hands now. we use babylegs ( awesome things, i love them and recommend them for everyone. if someone you know is having a baby, buy them some! target started carrying them too now) so he cant pull the bandage off. we use them all the time, but theyre just perfect for that.
we got him his big boy carseat, a britax marathon in crocodile print ( ) and he loves it. i think he is so much more comfortable in it. he just talks and laughs and plays back there. when we went to get him out of the seat last night he had both feet in his hands, lol.
he also finally figured out how to get the binky back into his mouth the right way yesterday. hes been trying, but usually just ended up chewing on the shield or handle.
he learned his "h" and "y" sounds this week too, and he just talks so much! hes shy around strangers though, and doesnt talk so much, just likes to look at them

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