Wednesday, April 2, 2008

6 months

tristan was 6 months old yesterday. at his well baby appointment he was 15lbs 9oz and 26.5 inches long, hes getting so big :) since hes meeting all the readiness signs (sitting unassisted, no tongue thrust, can feed himself, etc) we've started dabbling with solids. we're doing more self feeding than standard purees, although we give him some. he really likes pickles, lol, and will go to town on a kosher dill. he likes bananas and applesauce too. he hasnt had much, and we're not rushing. he loves being able to feed himself.

he is sitting wonderfully now, so steady. hes not crawling yet, but hes wiggling and kicking his legs to move around, and of course, rolling all over the place. he loves the water, and were so excited to take him swimming when it warms up some.

david graduates june 25, so right now the plan is coming for a visit probably in early july while we're moving. we still dont know where we're going to be yet though. we'll take some 6 month pictures this weekend and get them posted soon

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