Monday, April 20, 2009

what a crazy month

this month has been crazy. i had my lapband surgery done on march 17th. i came down to houston around the 1st of april for what should have been a quick couple of days visit, and we've been here 3 weeks now. i ended up in the hospital for a week with acute pancreantitis that either caused or was caused by a gall bladder attack that resulted in another surgery to remove it. it was awful. more pain than id ever been in in my life. and poor tristan stayed with my mom and kelly for the whole time, and hed never been away from me for more than a few hours. they said he did pretty well though. bedtime was tough, and he didnt nap as much or as well, but all things considered, especially the lack of nursing, he did amazingly. and thankfully, when i got home, he started nursing like he hadnt stopped. i was so worried he would wean while i was gone.

while i was in the hospital, he climbed up on a chair at kellys and pulled 2 pictures off of the wall. one was of me and him, one was of him and david. while im sure he doesnt know the baby in the pictures is him (he was about a month old in them) he knew it was mama and daddy and gramma and aunt kelly said he was carrying them around hugging and kissing them. so sad, but so sweet at the same time.

ive been out of the hospital for about 2 weeks, and recovering at kellys since i couldnt drive back home alone. im feeling well enough now, im hoping to head back home soon. on a bad note, while i was here and david was at work, our dogs disappeared :( im devastated. he came home from work and the back gate was open and they were gone. i really dont think they just ran off either, unless they did and someone snagged them. we've talked to the shelters on post and in town, and they havent turned up. theyre microchipped, so if they do show up somewhere, we should get a call. tristan will be heartbroken when we get home and his dogs arent there :(

now onto tristan. his motor skills have always been great, but hes never been a big talker. at least not with recognizable words anyway, lol. while we've been here, he hit a talking growth spurt or something. he has started signing "more", "please", and "thank you" correctly. when he wants something, he signs "please" while pointing at it. if he really wants it, he alternates "please" and "thank you", lol. he has also been seen putting his hands to the mouth of a dog or cat in the "eat" sign while its eating. and for the past month at least, eat has been his favorite word. his been saying some more recognizable words too. we've heard "kitty" and "whats that", among other words.

hes running, climbing, and into everything, he's in the stage now where he likes putting everything in to a box. he found the cat carrier at kellys while i was in the hospital and has been using it to hide his toys. and unfortunatly for kellys dog connor, he hides the dog toys too. he loves to be outside, and adores going to the playground, or even a playplace at the mall or mcdonalds or something. its been awful this past week its been raining, he could hardly go outside at all. talk about cabin fever.

i dont have many pictures here with me, so when we get home, i'll do another update with pictures.

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